Why our clients are spreading the cost of their training budgets over a year…..

Unfortunately these days for organisations mandatory training is a pain, When the cost of one days training might be the difference between paying a nurse for a week, or paying for your training in order to stay compliant. Organisations who pay monthly are very lucky and don’t have to make that choice. A fixed amount allows your organisation to buy your clinical and mandatory in advance ensuring you stay compliant at far more competitive rates. Planning courses, rotas and annual leave in advance, give flexibility when managing tight budgets. PRNplus allows you to choose your courses and competencies right up until the day before your scheduled course. A responsive, fluid approach to training that is patient and service user led. Training is an opportunity to upskill and empower and retain your workforce, and not just a business necessity, but it is a business necessity for a changing and challenging healthcare industry. Managing staffing and ratios is a mini battle in itself every day. Outsourcing or in-house your training doesn’t solve every problem, but wouldn’t it be nice if it was one less problem.

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